18 March 2018

Every child deserves a birthday !

Happy Birthday !

Here is a beautiful sheetlet issued by Nerdlands Post with a great message for one and all. On 19th February 2018, PostNL  issued the 'Birthday stamps' stamp sheetlet in the hope of raising awareness for the work of Stichting Jarige Job. This foundation makes sure that children growing up in poverty can celebrate their birthday at home and at school.

On the 'Birthday stamps' stamp sheetlet, there is a large illustration with familiar aspects of children's birthday parties. Each section of the illustration on the stamps tells a story in itself. In these stories, the famous book illustrator Charlotte Dematons has combined children's drawings with her own illustrations.

Complete birthday box

Approximately 61,000 children in the Netherlands do not celebrate their birthday because there is not enough money at home to do so. Stichting Jarige Job aims to bridge the gap between children from poor and rich families by making birthdays possible for these children. It does this by giving families birthday boxes packed with decorations, treats, something tasty to eat at home and gifts. The foundation, which operates on a national level, collaborates with social organisations that work with the most vulnerable children in Dutch society. PostNL is a partner of Stichting Jarige Job.

Every child is worth it

Huib Lloyd, Managing Director of Stichting Jarige Job: 'They are beautiful stamps that send out a clear message that everyone should be able to celebrate their birthday.' PostNL not only helps us by providing logistical support, but it also raises awareness for our initiative with these stamps. It's great. The best thing is that the children have no idea Jarige Job exists. Thanks to the birthday box, children feel that they really deserve to celebrate their birthday.

Gift for the birthday boy or girl

Bruna and PostNL have launched a campaign for Stichting Jarige Job. From 19 February up to and including 4 March, customers can buy a gift and donate it directly to Jarige Job. They can do so in the special gift boxes at the checkouts in Bruna stores. When they are full, PostNL delivers the boxes to the foundation.


The 'Birthday stamps' stamp sheetlet contains six different stamps marked with 'Nederland 1', the denomination for items up to 20g in weight destined for delivery in the Netherlands. The stamps are available from 19 February onwards at the post office counter in Bruna stores and online at postnl.nl/bijzondere-postzegels. The validity period is indefinite.

16 March 2018

GOMMATPEX 2018 - Jainism Philatelic Exhibition

Jainism Philatelic Exhibition


Jainism Philatelic Exhibition will be held at Interpretation Centre, Near Vindhyagiri Hill Steps Shravanabelagola 573135 from 7th April 10.00 AM TO 7.00 PM AND 8th April 10.00 AM TO 2.00 PM. The exhibition is being held by the Department of Post Hassan Division (HASSAN) and (SDJMI) Management Committee Trust, Jain math Shravanabelagola and with support of (JPG) Jainism Philately Group and in association with KPS Karnataka Philatelic Society Bangalore.
It will provide an opportunity for Philatelists residing in India to showcase their outstanding philatelic collections in the Invitee Class on first come first serve basis. This exhibition will consist only INVITEE class and is non competitive.
A Special Cover will be released on first day of the exhibition and the Department of Post will provide Special Cancellation of the exhibition depicting Jainism theme.
Each Dealers booth will be charged Rs.3000/- i,e for the exhibition duration
(Two chairs and one table will be provided)
Only 6 Dealers booths will be provided at the venue to dealers for dealing in philatelic and other Collectible items. (On first come first sever basis) Dealers from all over the country may apply. 
4.1. GOMMATPEX 2018 will be governed by the Committee of “GOMMATPEX 2018”.
4.2. Participation in GOMMATPEX 2018 is open to all philatelists having a permanent address in India. This exhibition is restricted for JAINISM theme only. Allied themes (like Vegetarianism, Peace, Non - violence etc,) will be accepted but fist preference will be given to Jainism theme only.
 4.3. All exhibits must be mounted on loose leaf Album /exhibit pages and enclosed with transparent protective covers
4.4. The organizers reserve the right to reject/remove any exhibit in whole or in part without assigning any reason
4.5. An individual exhibitor will be permitted Minimum one frame and Maximum of five frames will be permitted. In case of a family, no more than 2 entries shall be permitted.
4.6. A youth participant may apply for only one frame exhibit. In case, He or She has won any award will be taken in to consideration for five frames exhibits all applications in the Youth Class should be accompanied by Proof of date of birth & with latest award certificates of 2017.
4.7. FRAME SIZE: There will be a total number of about 100 frames. The frames will be adequately secured, artificially lighted, avoiding direct sun light for protection of exhibit. These frames will be 98 cms. Wide and 129 cms high and will held 16 standard size album pages of 22 cms. X 29 cms.)Or 8 pages of 44cms x 29 cms.
5.1. INVITEE CLASS: (NON COMPETITVE CLASS): Outstanding collections from individuals and collections of the members of the JPG will also be exhibited by invitation.
5.1. a. Thematic
5.1. b. Maximaphilly
5.1. c. First Day Cover Special Covers & Other postal Stationary          

6.1. Exhibitors desirous of participating in the exhibition should apply online by email only. Email id gommatpex2018@gmail.com the entry forms (duly filled and signed) along with An Introductory page and Synopsis of the exhibit should reach To Secretary, GOMMATPEX 2018, latest by 20th March 2018
6.2. All exhibits must be accompanied by one photo copy of each album sheet duly signed by the exhibitor for security purpose only.
6.3. Each exhibit must be accompanied by inventory of each album sheet in duplicate. Inventory form with the allotment letter can be down loaded from the e mail attachment sent.
6.4. Exhibitors must have been owners of their exhibit
Any, postal stationery, printed in India after independence, any Indian items not officially issued and /or pre-released after independence are banned from being exhibited as an entry or part of an exhibit.
Any Item, which does not show the correct International Boundaries of India, and/or which offends the religious, ethnic, national integrity or environmental sentiments will not be allowed to be displayed. Exhibitors should ensure that no exhibit includes any such material.
8.1. The entries accepted and the number of frames allotted will be notified to the participants by 22-03-2018, by email only.
8.2. The number of frames allotted may be increased or decreased at the discretion of the Allotment Committee without assigning any reason.
8.3. The names and addresses of the exhibitors should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS at the back of each album sheet which shall be numbered on the corner.
9.1. No charge has to be paid

9.2. On receipt of the Application Allotment Letter for the participation of “GOMMATPEX 2018”, will be sent by email only, on or before 22th March 2018,

9.3. Those who have applied online and received the Allotment Letter by email should send the Exhibit Application Form duly signed along with the Introduction Page to the address mentioned below.

The Secretary,
Mr. Sadananda H.C
SPO’S Hassan Division
Hassan 573201
Mobile No: 9480887383
9.4. Late entries, if any may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Organizing Committee

10.1. The participant is required to indicate the desired arrangement of sheets. Every care will be taken to see that the exhibit is mounted accordingly.
10.2. Exhibits if sent by Post must be forwarded through INSURED POST at owner’s risk. The organizers will not be responsible for any lack of statutory compliance, on part of the participant, loss or damage during transit or otherwise.
10.3. All exhibits should reach The Secretary, before 30-03-2018 and not after 03-04-2018.
10.4. Exhibits will not be accepted at the venue under any circumstances.
10.5. The Organizers will be responsible for the mounting and dismounting of all exhibits. No exhibits will be removed during the exhibition.
10.6. Exhibits will be returned as soon as possible after the close of Exhibition by Registered Insured Parcel for Rs. 500/- only & free of charge, only at the risk of the exhibitor. If the exhibits are desired to be returned by any other mode, the participant must indicate the same in writing and bear the cost thereof.
10.7. Exhibitors who so desire can collect their exhibits in person after the Exhibition I.e., only against the Acknowledgement Receipt in original, which shall thereafter remain with the Organizing Committee.
11.1. Exhibitors are advised that in their own interest they should make arrangements for individual insurance of their Exhibit. The Organizing Committee will have adequate professional security round the clock at the venue for the whole duration of the exhibition.

12.1. Though every possible care will be taken of the exhibits, no liability/responsibility shall be attached either to the organizers of the Exhibition or to the members of the Organizing Committee or its employees or Voluntary Associates for any loss or damage to the exhibits arising from any cause or reason whatsoever

12.2. For all disputes arising in respect of the exhibition, the decision of the Organizing Committee shall be final and for all legal matters the Hassan civil Court will have jurisdiction.
13.1. All class will be in invitee Hence, No need of The Jury Organizing Committee will elect its own office bearers and set its own procedure. 
14.1. For the exhibitors accommodation will be made by the committee

15.1. A philatelic booth of the Indian Post Hassan Division and other division for selling Commemorative stamps, FDC’S my stamps Special Cover, and other philatelic materials,

15.2. The booth of the Karnataka Philatelic Society of Bangalore shall sell its own publications, Special Covers and other Philatelic items.

16.1. The Organizers reserve the rights to add, alter or amend any of these rules at any point of time & without any prior notice.

16.2. The decision of the Organizers on all questions concerning the Exhibition shall be final & binding on all concerned.

16.3. Signature of an exhibitor on the Exhibitor Application Form shall be deemed as the acceptance of these Special Regulations in their entirety by the exhibitor.

18. All Communications to be sent to:
18.1 gommatpex2018@gmail.com & exhibits etc, to the below address

The Secretary,
Mr. Sadananda H.C
SPO’S Hassan Division
Hassan 573201
Mobile No: 09480887383
Email: gommatpex2018@gmail.com

The Chairman:
Mr Mahaveer Kundur
Mobile No: 09483542151 

Mr Manish A.Jain
Mobile No: 09845170700 

Mr Jagannath Mani
Mobile No: 09900404808
: Jagannath Mani - Bangalore, Sudhir Jain - Satna (MP)

12 March 2018

New Special Covers

1. KTK-08-2018 Hornbill Festival: 

Great Hornbill (Buceros bicornis) is large beautiful, extravagant, awe-inspiring bird with a distinctive projecting casque mounted on the large curved beak. It is significant part of several tribal cultures. They aid in dispersal of seeds through droppings and help in regeneration of important forest species and thereby earning the apt c1epe "Farmers of the forest" or "Feathered foresters". 

In 2011, Government of Karnataka has constituted "Hornbill Conservation Reserve" in Dandeli and Virnoli ranges. Haliyal Division is putting an indefatigable efforts to conserve the species. 

2. KTK-11-2018 Shree Bahubaliswamy Mahamasthakabisheka Mahotsav 2018

This special cover has been released on 17th February 2018 to commemorate Shree 8ahubali Swamy Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava 2018, Shravanabelagola. 

3. KTK-13-2018-Amrita Sangama : 

This Special Cover has been released to commemorate Amrita Sangama 2018 at Mangaluru.

4. KTK-15-2018 - T Upendra Anatha Pai (Co -Founder Syndicate Bank): 

Tonse Upendra Ananth Pai (26 Nov 1895 - 13 Dec 1956) co-founded Syndicate Bank to promote the financial inclusion of the weaving and farming communities. The Bank prompted the formation of Manipal Power Press known as Manipal Technologies Limited to day. He initiated several infrastructure projects and was committed to the betterment of society which earned him the title - "a one-man public works department." This special cover has been released on 24.2.2018 at Manipal in memory of Shri T. Upendra A. Pai.

: Suresh R - Bangalore

Club News

National JPG Meet and Gommatpex-2018 on 7th April

Jainism Philately Group is organizing it's 3rd National Meet on 7th April 2018 at famous Jain religious place Sravanabelgola (Karnaraka). About 150 persons will participate in this meet from all over India.

Jainism Philately Group (JPG) is a national organisation of the stamps Collectors collecting Jainism and allied themes. It has more then 250 members across the country as well as USA & Canada.  It was founded in the year 2011 at New Delhi during International Philatelic Exhibition INDIPEX 2011 . It's first National Meet was organized at Khajuraho (M. P.) In the year 2014 and second was organized at Udaipur (Raj.) In the year 2015. Third JPG National Meet is being organized at Sravababelgola (Karnataka) on 7th April 2018
JPG was instrumental in release of many stamps, special covers, special cancellations, pictorial cancellations and stamp booklets related to Jainism theme. Also organized some exhibitions.

According to Mr. Sudhir Jain, National Chairman of JPG, Sravanabelgola will be inaugurated by Pujya Bhattarak Charukirti Swamiji. 

On this occasion a philaletic exhibition GOMMATPEX-2018 will  also be organized at Sravanabelgola on 7th & 8th April 2018 under the patronage of India Post Department jointly by Jainism Philately Group and Karnataka Philatelic Society. Postal Department is providing 100 frames for the same. Only Jainism and allied themes will be exhibited in this exhibition. No competition. All the participants will get medals and certificates. Minimum 3 and maximum 5 frames can be exhibited. Ex Prime Minister Shri H. D. Devegoda and CPMG Karnataka Circle will be the guests of the exhibition. A special cover is also proposed to be released on this occasion.

: Sudhir Jain -  Satna (MP)

11 March 2018

New Stamps from India

Central Industrial Security Force

Date of Issue : 8 March 2018

India Post issued two commemorative postage stamps on Central Industrial Security Force on 8th March 2018.

Image Source : Stamps of India

10 March 2018

New Special cover on Jainism theme

A Special cover was released on 10th March 2018 on Jainism theme at Humcha (Karnataka). On the occasion of Historical 1400 year old Shree Kshetra Hombuja, Bhagwan Shree Parshwanath Tirthankar & Varapradhayini Mahayakshi Shree Padmavati Matha, Mula Nakshatra Maharathotsav, a special Cover and special cancellation released on 10th March 2018 at Humcha. Parampujya Shree Devendrakeerthi  Bhatharak Swamiji of Humcha Jain Math and Shimoga SSP Mr. Naveen chandra released this beautiful cover on the persuasion of Jainism Philately Group.

- Sudhir Jain, Satna (MP)

For Bird Lovers...

New stamps and postmark on birds from Luxembourg

Two stamps (personalized) and one pictorial postmark will be available on 19th May 2018 in L- 5600 MONDORF-LES-BAINES, GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG . 

The stamps and the pictorial postmark are featuring the Barn swallow(Hirundo rustica).
Both philatelic items (stamps/postmark) honors the international philatelic exhibition BIRDPEX 8 which will be held in Mondorf-les-Baines from  19th to 21st May 2018.

New pictorial postmark on wolf from Germany 

On April 7th 2018   a new pictorial postmark 
will be available in 21391 REPPENSTEDT.
The postmark is featuring the head  of  wolf (Canis lupus).

- Wolfgang Beyer, BDPh (German Philatelic Federation) & AIJP

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